What is a TimeBank?

-We All Have Skills to Share-

The Sedona-Verde Valley TimeBank networks people across the generations who are interested in sharing their services, with those who are in need of them. 

TimeBanking is a community exchange system in which people are able to obtain needed services.. for free!

Each hour of service costs a recipient one Time Token.  One Time Token is earned by providing one hour of service to another member.  Round and round it grows!  Reciprocity in Action!

One hour of time = 1 Time Token.


One Hour At A Time

5 Core Values of TimeBanking
Assets: Youngsters, elders and everyone in between; we all have something to offer to others. Our skills and knowledge are valuable to others.

Work: Redefining “work” to represent an hour for hour system of service sharing.

Respect: We are all equal. Our time, skills and knowledge are just as valuable as anothers. Being treated and treating others with respect is essential.

Reciprocity: Receiving as well as giving is fundamental. We all have needs as well as skills we can share. With TimeBanking, fulfilling both is equality important.

Social networks are key in a thriving community. Knowing others in your city strengthens trust and creates positive opportunities.
Examples of Exchanges:

Going Shopping
Teaching a musical skill
Community Gatherings
Window Washing